Rudi and Trish Widdershoven

Rudi and Trish WiddershovenWe were transferred to the Parksville – Qualicum Beach area in 1983 and thought we would be fortunate enough to be here for 5 or 6 years. Well it turned out they left us here for 9 years before knocking on the door and advising that we were to be transferred off the Island. We discussed the fact that we liked living here and knew that if we did leave we would want to move back here at retirement time. We decided that the lifestyle and where we lived was more important than the career and associated benefits and income. 20 years later we are still here and have never looked back as we do believe we live in ‘paradise’. Even our grown children have plans of ending up on the Island at some point.

– Rudi & Trish Widdershoven